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Aqua-Rex is the name used in the USA for the product known as WaterKing in the rest of the world. Aqua-Rex is an electronic Physical Water Conditioner that inhibits scale formation … Fetch Document

The best place to fit an Aqua-Rex physical water conditioner is either on the cold pipe close to where it goes even when fitted only to the water heater or softener loop. You can fit it anywhere on the cold water supply on any pipe material; Copper, … Fetch Content

The brine system applies a salt solution to the softener to regenerate the cation exchange resin. Saturated brine (26% NaCl by weight) is drawn from the brine tank Water King Model No. Brine Tank Size (in) Throat x Nozzle Int./Ext. Ejector Pipe Size, Color Salt Draw (lbs) Preset … Access Document

Softeners And Ion Exchangers – Nag LLC
RWO-AQUACLEAN SYSTEMS 1.1 Ion-Exchange Softening The water softening is accomplished by Ion exchangers, where the hardness compounds calcium are removed and … Read Content

Over Ninety Percent Of Hard water Sites In The UK Use …
WaterKing, the UK leading Physical Water Conditioner is now available in USA under the brand name Aqua-Rex. SOFTENER ALTERNATIVE NOW IN USA $>=3>=B82>=82˜74A:8=70B ˇ@D0)4GD=8CB>=C744;42CA82 F0C4A740C4AB +74ˇ@D0)4G.# 5>A;8=4B8I4B D?C> $0A64Aˇ@D0 … Access Document

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WaterKing Solves Gherkin Scale Problems
WaterKing Solves Gherkin Scale Problems When Consultants Hilson Moran were looking for an innovative way to prevent problems of limescale encrustation at the iconic 30 St Mary Axe … Access This Document

AQUA REX Electronic Descaling System
AQUA REX Electronic Descaling system “A “NO SALT” Water Softener that conditions your water for less than $30 a year.” WK-1 WK-2 WK-3 WK-4 … Return Doc

Testedby Forensic Experts AquA– Rex CLeANS UP AT THe GYM
How does it compare with a water softener? Aqua-Rex doesn’t use any salt or chemicals and it doesn’t produce any environmentally unfriendly discharges. It needs no maintenance or servicing and it costs hardly anything to run. It doesn’t add … Return Doc

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